I bought a box of darkroom stuff at a yard sale recently, mostly for some large trays that were in the collection. I have lots of 8x10 trays and more timers than I know what to do with. So I am offering these for cheap so that I don't have to store them.

For sale are:

1 "Accura" electronic darkroom timer. All functions work. A prievious owner added a speaker from a transister radio to make a soft metronome click that comes on during focusing and timing. It was rattling around loose inside so I glued it in place with some polyurathane glue. Not especially pretty but it works, and if you hate the sound it's easily removed.
$2.50 plus postage.

1. Beseler timer with meter function. I can't find any model information on this, nor could I find this same version online. However it seems to be similar to a Beseler P-22 timer. I found a PDF of the P-22's manual online, and I'll include that on a CD.
The timing functions of this thing are working, but the meter only responds to the right-hand dial. Judging from the PDF, it should respond to both. Were the meter working correctly, the center knob of the left hand dial indicates the paper grade. I don't know what the prospects of repairing it are, but it can be used simply as a timer as-is. Includes the plastic coin case to enclose the meter head, at no extra charge. The numbers are illuminated as is the meter display, and the black tape is apparently there for light leaks. The meter seems to be a re-branded Phillips product as it says "Phillips" on the bottom.
$2.50 + postage.

8 8x10 Yankee plastic trays in red, white and blue.
Two of the trays, one red and one white look to be in unused condition though they are scuffed. The others have seen varied degrees of use, and the white ones are chemical stained. One of the red ones has a tight crack in one corner that may need some repair with solvent glue. Also, one has had a notch melted in at the front (see pictures). Otherwise all are completely servicable.

$1.00 each or all 8 for $5.00 + postage.

Payment via paypal or check