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Often I see an external critique from a person I trust as a yardstick for my personal improvement as an artist.
If I ever add money to the equation then perhaps I'll choose a different critic.
Let me use an example to illustrate my point.

Right now I have an idea that I'm working on for a series of themed painted works.

The idea is fully formed, I know exactly what I want to end up with.

I don't need help with my vision for the project, I am the audience.

What I don't know is how to do it. I need to learn Impasto techniques. I need help and practice to learn how to mix oil paints and move the paint around to get what I want.

The only criticism I need or want is on how I use the tools and materiels. I flat don't care if anybody else likes the style at this point. I want a teacher for the craft.

If they turn out special I may ask some friends what they think. The only reasons I'd be asking is to either 1-get my ego stroked or 2-determine if they have any commercial possibilities. I just don't see any other reason to bother getting critiqued.