My father-in-law gave me this SLR recently. My in-laws are all digital now, and their loss is my gain.

First of all, any thoughts on this camera? It would be my first SLR -- I have various toy/plastic cameras, pinhole cameras, and a few good compacts (XA2, T5), but no SLR. It has the 50mm f/1.7 kit lens, an accessory flash, and a few other accessories.

Also, he told me the shutter didn't work, and indeed something appears to be wrong with the camera. Seems I can release the shutter, but then one of several things happens: Sometimes the film advance lever jams and doesn't budge. If I wait several seconds or jostle the camera, eventually it releases. Most times, whether the film advance stuck or not, the shutter won't activate again for some time. The button will fully press (spring action), but nothing happens. Also, when this is happening, I've noticed when looking in the viewfinder that something is obstructing the view/mirror.

Any ideas what's wrong and what it might entail to fix? Is it a DIY job, or will I have to take it or send it off somewhere? And if the latter, where? If the repair is too costly and/or the camera is nothing special, I'll probably just put it aside for now. But really, I'm itching to get it working and give it a try.

Thanks for any help at all...