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"one's own voice and offering something to the world that is completely original and one's own."

What if people, most of the time, don't listen to you?

Should art be a mirror to what is happening in the world?

Suggest viewing the movie, "Smash His Camera!" It shows different opinions from people who think they know art. Do they know art? Is his photography "snaps"? Or is there more to the photographs?

Here is a page where you can view articles on the movie:


Does art become more arty after the artist dies?

Interesting, don't you think?
Nobody listened Vincent Van Gough when he was a live. He never sold a painting nor his brother the art dealer, Theo. How his Van Gough's art is now revered all over the world.

As for art mirroring the world, do you mean make one's art as everybody sees the world? I'd rather see art of other worlds. The internal worlds of artist. The most interesting art to me portrays a reality not apparent to ordinary conciseness. Do you want to be feed a diet of art that is created by and for people the psychopathology of the ordinary?