I have shot a lot with the mamiya 645 in the past and I have nothing but good things to report on it. It was the old 1000s, and in good shape -- I never had any glitches, hangs, or anything evil. I loved having two shutter releases; that seems like a small thing but it really made shooting easier a lot of times. I would say this, be sure to get the C lenses for the 645. In my area it would be difficult to get a m645 with what you want in that price range. Have you ever shot with a WLF before? Its easy to just say "I want a prism" if that is what you are used to (35mm), but play with a waister for a while. Once I got the hang of it on mine and got used to things being backwards I loved it. The image on the glass is large, and I have never had issues with brightness (now I shoot an RB with a WLF). If you cut the prism option, you will be able to either save money or get a camera in better shape. Plus, they make the whole camera lighter and more compact. Dont immediately assume you wont want or like the WLF -- that goes for either camera you are considering.