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That's good to know Chris! I plan on visiting in Feb/March next year, so hopefully won't have the heat issues you had!
I'm jealous. The temperatures should be much more bearable then! Most locals were complaining that it was 3-4C hotter than normal this year, and Yangon had 40 straight days over 100F, which made for another great tourist souvenir newspaper. I'm looking to go back sometime in November when the climate allows you to actually do things between the hours of 10am and 4pm too (and get a good night's sleep!).

Keep a close eye on what happens with this years 'elections' in October, too. I had a couple of quite frank conversations with local people who were absolutely fed up with the government and who sounded like they'd be wiling to stand up and do anything for their country if the elections weren't fair. I fear it could be the last straw for a lot of people and things could get quite bad, but you really never know. Fingers crossed things get better for everyone soon, the people and scenery are equally wonderful and it's a great country to travel around.