Caoslc , They increase the prices without increase the quality. When the Perfekt was 450 dollars at e bay last year , I sent a question them and they said 250 dollar including carrying the camera from factory to Moscow airport and sending to the address with air cargo. I think they found their prices were too low to suspect the people and doubled it ! wow !
I read somewhere that they are using a watch mechanism to work everything and it can be big trouble to find replacement parts out of Russia or 10 years later even in Russia.
Buy someone from APUG if you can the cheapest one and you will be free in mind.
I asked their glass factory about the diagram of Perfekt and they said they helped to design the lens but no information at hand.
Some analog cinema people put their everything to say 500 dollars LOMO lens is better than 25000 dollars zeiss , cooke , leitz. I am talking about Soviet manufactured , nowadays their EKRAN factory request least 10000 per lens.
Zenit factory buys the glass from Lytkarino Optical Glass Factory and they are the manufacturer of biggest one piece telescope mirror in the world.
Look for LOMO Anamorphic Lens cinema cuts from vimeo and you will be fallen love.
Without wasting your years , I can say you can buy a Canon 7d , Panasonic or Sony and attach a LOMO Square Front on it and take your movie. They do movie with these cameras seriously.
Or you can buy a cheap LOMO Spherical and buy a Kiev 60 and take extreme smooth shots.
It all depends what you want to see at your art. Some hate , Some warship

Best ,

Mustafa Umut Sarac