Wasn't sure if there was a better section to post this in, but I think it's an interesting hypothetical (because I'm sure not 18 anymore and not really sure photography would be as fun if it were my job) that I thought of while taking the morning shower. It's based on an article I read recently called "Seven Reasons Not to Send Your Kid to College".

You're 18 and have been keen on photography for some time now. Your stuff is alright, it doesn't blow anyone away, but you're getting better. You think that now is the time to go pro. Medium of photography and outside factors aren't relevant for this question.

Would you spend the next four years getting a business degree (which would likely be the most practical degree for this purpose), or working on your craft? Let's assume that you don't have a large scholarship / trust fund and either way, you're going to have to work to support yourself during this time.

On one hand, if you have very little business acumen (formally taught or "natural"), you're going to have a hard time keeping everything under control even if your photography is great. But if your photography is crap, you're going to have a hard time finding a client base at any really sustainable price.

What would you do?