What do you want to photograph?

What career would open doors to enable you to take those photographs? Like travel? One of my friends is married to someone in the oil business who travels all over the world, staying in places for months at a time. Want to do more model based commercial work? Figure out what steady job with flexible hours you can do somewhere with lots of people - another friend is working odds and ends in LA while focusing on her art in her spare time. Want to photograph war zones? I have a friend in the military who occasionally makes time to photograph.

Depending on what you want to shoot, simply getting access may be one of your biggest barriers. Finding a job that provides that access is another potential in while giving you a stable base from which you can build yourself up.

Thats just me though - I am financially conservative. I was set on a career long before I realized how important photography was to me. My job covers the bills but isn't really opening any doors for me artistically (aside from working with some good artists and a few other hobbyist photographers)