Hi PE and All,
I am finally getting into some serious work on a panchromatic emulsion. I now have a reliable blue sensitive emulsion which contains no gelatin or other plant or animal derivatives. Although I have not determined its ISO yet, it is fast, without being grainy.
I intend to publish the recipe and procedure on this forum once I am absolutely certain that I can make the same emulsion over and over again.
As per PE"s recommendations I am using Sands SDE3008(green sensitization) and SDE3057(red sensitization with "J" aggregation in the presence 0f iodine).
I am using 100mg/M Ag of the SDE3008 and 200MG/M Ag of SDA3057. The double dose of SDA3057 is for the formation of the "J" aggregates. I am adding a small amount of KI to the emulsion 15 minutes prior to addition of the dye.
Although the emulsion should be cyan in color, it is a light pink. But it is much less pink than the magenta colored emulsion containing SDE3008 (for green sensitization), even though the dye concentration is twice as high.
AND-a red sensitivity test, via exposing through a #25 filter shows strong red sensitivity.
Could my pink color of the red sensitive emulsion be due to too much SDA3057 ?
Should I decrease the dye concentration to 150mg/M Ag?