Thanks everyone, I finally had a chance to mess around with the film. My first roll was shot at ISO 100, stand developed in Rodinal 1+100 and minus overexposure worked fine. Realizing that this stuff was real film I figured that it is 'Vision3' and exposed a second roll for ISO 500.

Looks great in black & white, orange cast to the base. Remjet came off fine in the process - to a point. Development removed a good 95%, stop and fixer removed some, a sponge during drying removed the rest. Tiny Remjet particles in my stop and fix ruined them, didn't try to strain - just mixed up a fresh batch. I'm going to try to work with a few homemade stop bath recipes to see if I can get near 100% removal at that stage. I hate to mix up one-shot fixer but will if I need to.

I'm not going to mess with it in a color process until I can get remjet removal down. I know I can strip it in the dark but if I needed to jump through hoops for that I'll stick to Black & White. Though I figure a strainer would work fine, the particles are tiny.. That may be the next test.

'Fogged' appears that there is a minimal etching to the base, almost a frosted look. It scans fine, I haven't enlarged from it yet.