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Mike, what camera were you using? I see in one of Mike's pictures that it looks like a 6x4.5, maybe a Mamiya? I'm considering adding a 6x4.5 to my cabinet and am looking at the Pentax, Mamiya, and Bronica. Any input would be appreciated!
Hi Ed,
It is a Pentax 645NII (most current of the Pentax 645 series) with the stock 75mm. It is a fantastic camera that is a pleasure to use. I don't know how it is with Mamiya and Bronica, but one negative for the Pentax is you can't change backs mid-roll without a darkroom or a lot of work. Some may not like that fact. It does not bother me What I absolutely love is that it imprints the camera settings on the negatives. Being terrible with remembering pens and notebooks, it is zen for me (the 645N does as well, though to a lesser degree)!

If you have any specific questions PM me!