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>>>>.&nbsp; Not only do I generally develop more than the usual (depending on the job, some jobs scream for fresh developer, so I give it) but I also keep a few gallons of nearly expired developer because for some situations which call for excessive contrast reduction (ie a way too contrasty negative of artwork brought in by a customer who refuses to let me re-shoot the neg).&nbsp; I know I&#39;m wicked but if it works. . . I use it.<<<

>>>>&nbsp; I always now on RA4 when it really&nbsp; over developed because it gets a goldeny orange cast all over it, yuck.&nbsp; If it is too short, I see too much majenta or even lavender.<<<

>>>- I am not setting up a standard commercial lab.&nbsp; Only large format.&nbsp; Secondly I am not "setting up" at all this company has been in business over 20 years, it is just that the services are now offered to professional photographers and artists directly rather than through other sources, like your local photo lab or printer.<<<</td></tr></table><span class='postcolor'>
see, geez...I was running our film & it was like "Cyany" what the hell is that? Is it those fluorescent lamps with your chrome film? Then I notice up here, the "majenta" or the "lavendar"--well, what is that? Then I start feeling bad...you know like I&#39;m picking on ya, because you say you&#39;re not setting up a commercial lab, you&#39;re just gonna offer some E6 and color repro & printing services for your customers....so somehow, there&#39;s a difference here. You don&#39;t want to run a control strip because the other guy in town says his are okay and your film is "cyany", so therefore you don&#39;t want to be "control strip crazy". Tell ya what--don&#39;t be control strip crazy. Skip everything I said up there. For sanity&#39;s sake--my own-- I go back to lurking status. Let me go look for my 10 CCL (lavendar) filter....I have to correct some CTs now.