I have a like-new (i think i've never used it!) 30mm fish-eye.
I originally purchased it, along some other lenses and a bellows, to adapt all of them for a Pentax 6x7.
The Pentacon 5.6/500mm (originally Meyer Optik) and the hexagonal bellows were converted for Pentax 6x7 bajonet mount, while the other are still in their original state.
The Arsat 30mm was too complicate a task, major machining of the lens barrel was needed, i know only of one photo machinist who does the conversion, and the price is quite high.
The other lens that is still on Pentacon Six mount is a Zeiss Jena Sonnar 4/300mm, that's also in as-new condition. The reason for not having it converted was exactly the opposite:
it is so easy to convert that i always postponed the work, until it reached the "never to be done again" state :-)
Both the 30mm Arsat and the 300mm Sonnar are available for purchase, you can contact me via PM, but i don't know if i can read your mail before 16th August.

To be sincere, i have also a like-new Kiev 60 body, with both finders, Volna lens, and case. But i think i'll keep it for a while, the bellows i have converted still has a Pentacon Six mount on the front, so the Volna lens could be used with my Pentax 6x7, the straight way or reversed (with a Pentacon auto reverse ring, with the attachment for a double shutter release).
If by chance you like the Liev 60 as second body, make me a proposal, and i'll decide.

have fun