I have a wonderful Rollei P11 projector for sale.
I can even have it checked by a professional repairman before sale, but i am a little dubious if it must be shipped too far away.
I live in Italy, and the projector is still in its original case, but i am afraid that shipping to the other side of the Atlantic would be quite expensive.
Within EU the cost should be quite affordable, but i have to investigate about the cost of having it shipped to USA.

If you are interested, i originally purchased a Leitz 80mm projection lens, to be used with 35mm slides (the P11 is double format).
If i remember it should be a Colorplan, but for some strange reason the are no inscriptions on the lens itself (the cap is marked Leitz).
If you decide to use the P11 also for 35mm slides, a simple adaptor made out a machined teflon tube could be used, and the Leitz lens would be ready for the P11.

Probably you already know what a Rollei P11 is. As a reminder i write just two things:
1) the P11 is the only affordable projector that uses a 500 watt lamp, so it is very powerful
2) in my personal opinion, but i know that many others would agree, a well kept P11 is the second best choice for 6x6 slides, after the amazing (and outrageously expensive) Hasselblad

If you send me a PM, i will read it a soon as possible, but maybe i will not be able to access the forum before 16th August

have fun