I posted this in a rec.photo.equipment.35mm in response to a request for info on the Digisix. I thought that I would post it here on APUG just for general interest purposes.

I bought a DigiSix several months ago to replace an old Pilot which was nicely small but I found it difficult to line the needles up accurately especially at the extremes and the incident fuctionality was seriously in question.

The DigiSix is a nice, tiny, high quality meter. At 1.5 ounces, I don't think there's anything lighter. It reads 25 degree reflected as well as incident. From comparisons to trusted meters and regular use, it's accuracy is as good as anything else that I use. It is always on, no switch. It displays the EV digitally in third stops, you transfer that to an analog dial to read the possible speeed/aperture combinations. Personally, this method is my preference so I'm happy. It is the only non-analog meter that I use so I can't compare it to other digitals.

One very handy feature is it's abilty to read exposure range. For example, if you read the shadow area of a scene and continue to hold down the button, you can then read the highlights (or anything else) and it will continuously read out the difference, plus or minus, in stops between the readings.

As for non photo features, it has all the functions of a cheap digital watch, time, timer, alarm, stopwatch etc. But the oddest feature is a built in Max/Min thermometer that I actually find myself using regularly (Go figure).

One complaint that I have heard is has a "plastic" feel and I can see where this comes from. It's shell is sturdy enough but the analog ring feels a little cheap. Functionally, this is no problem at all and doesn't bother me but it lacks the solid, smooth action of a classic Gossen Luna Pro or Pilot that incorporate metal parts in the works of their dials. My own peeve is that the neoprene case is soft enough to allow the buttons to be inadvertantly pressed while closed so that the meter may not be in the same mode as when you used it last.
Overall, I am very happy with the meter. It is uniquely small, I can hold it in my palm and close my fingers completely around it yet the simple controls are fast and easy to operate even with my big, fat fingers, it fits my needs precisely, is an excellent functional tool and my few complaints are easily overlooked.

Oops I almost forgot. Here&#39;s a secret heads-up, don&#39;t tell anybody <g>.

I was at at Bogen HQ last week having a tripod repaired (they are handily right down the street from my home) and while I was waiting in the lobby I noticed some advertising material for the Digi_FLASH_, a Digisix with flash reading capability. I can&#39;t find it mentioned anywhere, even the German Gossen web site, but there is glossy promotional literature, printed in English floating around. If that is feature you are interested in, you should definitely look into it.