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And, Chris, special thanks for your Nepal album on flickr.
I'm a b/w guy but on vacations like this I always choose color slides. Your album shows what impressive b/w photography is possible even in a colorful country, even only with a single focal length.
For sure I will add some b/w to my hand luggage.

Did you use a filter to darken the blue sky?
Thanks! Sad story is I ordered a 45mm lens from KEH a good 6 weeks before leaving for that trip for some wider shots in the hills, only to have it turn up on my doorstep 2 days after leaving. Very frustrating, but it was a good experience making one focal length work (and gives me reason to go back!).

I didn't use any filters for that trip either. The skies are darker due to the altitude more than anything I think. Quite funny to compare to Myanmar where I shot everything with a #15 yellow and still got hardly anything out of the skies because of the heat/haze everywhere.