Being the ePrey junkie that I am, I've noticed that the price of 6x12 & 6x17 rollfilm backs for LF cameras are astronomical... well over $700 in some cases! So, I ask you- IS THIS NUTS OR WHAT?! (Sorry for getting excited.)

Couldn't you just shoot that in regular 4x5 film & crop the panoramic view that you like? I figure the cost difference between roll & sheet film can't justify an expensive accessory like that.

Let's try a couple of films:

Agfa APX 100 120 roll - $2.00 gives you 5 panoramic shots = $.40/shot
Kodak TMX 100 4x5 sheet - $40 for 50 sheets = $.80/shot

Okay, that's double the cost right there... So, I'd have to shoot 1750 frames to offset the cost? Someone help me out here, my math is terrible!