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Here's another vote for the 24/2.8.... for years it was my "standard lens" as I didn't even own the 50! And they are definitely available for $100 or less if you're patient. But absolutely we wary of (or even outright avoid) the older ones with the circle emblem instead of the "A" at the auto position on the aperture ring. Many of those suffered from element separation on the rear element. If you see one advertised as "smudge on rear element" or whatever, RUN AWAY! Unfixable unless you have another rear element from a later lens to swap in.

Would you mind letting me know when you see one cheap (send a PM with the link, if you don't mind)? I've been looking forever and can't find one I saw one two or three months ago for around 90 with the original hood and to this day am kicking myself for not picking it up. As much as I love my AE-1P/FD stuff, I can't justify spending $100 for that lens...