I am selling my Petri FT II kit since I've had it a few years and have never gotten around to using it. It's quite an interesting setup for those who admire the obscure in photography. The better Petri gear has always had a sort of charm in my view in terms of the fit and finish. This is all Petri breech mount equipment, from the era when Petri was a viable competitor with other quality Japanese camera makers. Here is what is included in the sale:

- Petri FT II with case. This is really a beautifully crafted manual SLR from the golden age of film SLR's. Nice condition except the meter appears dead. I can't speak to the light seals since I've not shot with it, but like most older SLR's it could probably use new seals. The shutter, advance, etc. looks good.

- Petri 50mm F1.8 C.C. Auto. Great shape.

- Accura Diamatic 35mm F2.8 (native Petri automatic mount). Great shape.

- PTE Auto Teleplus 3X teleconverter. Nice condition.

- Petri 200mm F4 C.C. Auto. With case, rear cap, and hood. Faint internal dust, otherwise excellent.

- Petri 135mm F3.5 C.C. Auto with case, both caps, and hood. Great shape.

Price for all items: $50 plus shipping