Hi everyone,

I was recently given 5 meters (35mm bulk film) of ORWO DK 5 document film. This stuff was made in former communist East Germany. It expired in Aug 1984. So far all I was able to find out on the net was that it used to be ISO 3 when it was fresh. Can anyone confirm this information?

That would be the first problem though. As a rule of thumb I had fairly good results shooting expired film about one stop overexposed per decade expired. In this case I would have to shoot the stuff at about ISO 0.5? Not so sure whether that would work ...

The other problem is how to develop this stuff? If anyone has any hints (other than the usual develop 3 frames, check results, change dev time ... repeat until happy) that would be greatly appreciated. Has anyone ever developed the none expired ORWO DK 5 or any experience with this film at all?

Many thanks in advance,