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Have you factored in shipping, though? A lot of people on there sell things cheap, but charge you $30 on shipping for an item that's $5 to ship. For combined shipping and sale price (the only number that should be looked at), I can't seem to see anything under $100...as for starting prices...they're pretty pointless, most things that sell on there get no action for the first 6 days and 22 hours and the last 2 hrs they skyrocket (I know, I've sold a few things and bought many more on there).
Go do the search for yourself. Looking at them from most recent to oldest, I see:

60.00 + 9.95
63.00 + 10.95
36.56 + 5.00
46.00 + 10.00
99.00 + unspecified
68.17 + 13.50
39.59 + 14.50
61.11 + 7.95

You don't say where you're located. If it's outside the US, then shipping is simply going to be higher, there is no avoiding that...but clearly you should be able to still get one for under $100 total. In mentioning starting prices, I am pointing out that those are all potentially lenses that would end up selling for under $100... since the ones that start out over $100 don't even get any bids. Like I originally said "if you're patient" you'll eventually snag one for a reasonable price. I had a small pile of them at one point that I had gotten for $30-$40 each, and when I sold them off again they all went for $60-$75. (I ditched my spares because I finally snagged a 24/1.4 Aspherical for a good price, and mainly use that now instead of the 2.8's)