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I found a contact on the steam engine page and wrote them offering a portfolio of images if they grant access a "back stage pass" as it were. Wonder if they will respond positively.


I am really worried about you. You are so shy. I hope you can come out of your shell and get into this hobby.

An interesting thing happened the last time the big steam engine came to the valley. There was to be a big opening event Saturday morning at the Rockside station (north end of the park). I got there an hour early to scope out a good place for the 7x17. Someone mentioned that the train was just across Rockside Road (north-follow the tracks) at very large parking lot. By then there were several hundred people milling about the Rockside station and still no train. I was the third person to figure this out and had all the time I wanted to get up close and personal with the engine.

Once the train got under way each station was packed. Peninsula was swamped with people. Just south of Everett Rd. (covered bridge, our house) is a tiny station at Indigo Lake on Riverview Rd. There were just a few people at this station and plenty of room to take pictures.

History has been known to repeat itself.