The polymax FA I have used has a neutral cold tone ie neutral but cold with the right devs. It has a very smooth gloss ie does not have the tiny pores 'look' that oriental has at an angle. Its surface is near identical to Agfa MCC glossy ie very nice. In selnium, it does tone and build density very well. It does not change colour much which for me and a cold paper is a bonus. Goes slightly selenium purple, but not too much.

You can get it from Silverprint, tho only in larger sizes I think (16x12 minimum rings a bell). IMHO it is a superb underappreciated paper and I have used it for some of my best prints. The 10 pack or 20x16 is good value, negating teh need for 50 packs for small runs (very close to 1/5 price of 50 pack)!