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Very true.

If the goal is to shoot weddings and portraits then 4 years at RIT or an MFA really aren't going to be that much help....
Assuming the candidate is endowed with even a modest level of intelligence, I think either program could be very beneficial. In fact, I think a reasonably intelligent person benefits from just about any undergraduate liberal arts degree program. Note, the distinction I am making: I'm suggestion that the person benefits....which is bigger than just landing a job or doing photography. In other words, a degree may not help you get a job as a wedding photog (or it might) and it may not make one more proficient at the craft, but, it will almost certainly benefit the individual. A seemingly unrelated degre might even give a wedding photog a competitive advantage. Wedding and portrait photography are both all about human interaction....there is much that can be learned about the human condition in an undergrad program, and I believe that that experience could very well, make one a better "people photographer".

Society as a whole also benefits from a well educated populace. We need more folks who can read and write and think logically and fewer ignorant people who are unable to think critically (or, seemingly even unable to think for themselves).