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Very true.

If the goal is to shoot weddings and portraits then 4 years at RIT or an MFA really aren't going to be that much help and you are better off apprenticing yourself. But if you want to have a commercial studio doing advertising or fashion, or work as an art director, then a degree is very much worthwhile. If you want to teach photography or curate then an MFA degree is a minimum requirement.

Like other arts, raw talent will trump education any time, but that sort of talent is very, very rare. Those who have it don't need to ask questions.
In the 80's I employed a young 17/18 year old, he dreamt of being a photographer, he was totally useless, after 8 or 9 months he left.

He did become a photographer, and loved it, he worked for a UK S/H car sales free newspaper, was given a Polaroid camera to shoot the small adds, at 7 to place an advert including the free photograph he wasn't allowed more than 2 shots at a 1 per exposure per car or it came out of his wages

they went onto become the first company to switch to 100% digital, way less than 1 mega-pixel, the Casio cameras were so unreliable each photographer was issued with 3.

That's reality, he was a professional photographer. (In his eyes).