99% of motion picture film is Color Negative Film. It is designed to be processed in Kodak ECN-2 chemicals. You can develop it in C-41 but it has a much shorter archival life than if you used the ECN-2. The difference in pitch between the sprockets has no effect on using it in a still camera. You can buy a 400' or 1000' roll and spool it yourself or there is a lab located in Hollywood called RGB Colorlab (www.rgbcolorlab.com) that sells it prespooled. They will also process it in ECN-2 and send you back a replacement spool. Cinematographers often use motion picture film splooled to shoot tests, etc. In my opinion after shooting allot of it is that it is no better in terms of accutance or grain structure than standard photo color negative. Where it is different is in color saturation and contrast and this really depends on what stock you shoot.