How to be a photographer is all depending on the level you want to work at . I have worked as an advertising photographer for the last 25 years and when starting out the classic way was collage for 3 years , and it goes like this ,when at collage work on your book look at every image and photographer you can get your eyes on , work on the book again ,then in your last year ring all the photographers work you admire and go and see them with your book .When you do this make sure the work in your book reflects the photographers work .There is nothing more irritating than a student turning up with a fashion book when you shoot still life. When you meet the photographers ask what they think of the book take advice , redo your book and go back to the photographers you get on with . try and get placements and then assist ,when doing this take more pictures ,make sure the people you assist reflect the sort of work you want to do . then re do your book ,then start to see potential clients ,telling them you are an assistant and asking advice ,re do your book then go back . eventually you will get work . the most important thing to remember at all times is that you are taking pictures because thats all you want to do and not to make money . Eventually if you are good enough and you work hard the money will come ,if you are only entering photography for the money you have started from the wrong point . photography at the highest level is not a hobby it is a lifetime of hard work and if you are 100% commited from day one you might have a chance if you have any doubts then photography is a rewarding hobby and you should stick to that level