Ok, I have already adapted to my Bergheil 6x9 theses lenses: Angulon 65/6.8, Heliar 83/4.5, Heliar 105/4.5, Heliar 135/4.5, Kodak Meniscus 100/6.3, Kodak Meniscus 160/6.3, L.Renaux Basel Extra Rapid Aplanat 170/5.6, Bausch & Lomb Rectilinear 180/7.7, Tele-Dynar 200/6.3. All in compur or compound shutters, with Zeiss Ikon or Voigtlander orange and yellow filters and lens hoods. There are five left lenses I am looking for to complete the set :-) : Tele-Dynar 255/6.3, small Darlot petzval about 150-165mm, Dallmeyer Rectilinear, Goerz Dagor, and Hugo Mayer Aristostigmat 60/6.8. Have also 3 Rada roll film backs. Now it's time to make photography ;-)