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It's funny, but the Grasses and Rocks shot is completely unfamiliar to me. But then it's been 40 years...
Perhaps it is the time of year and day (dusk with the rising moon behind). The place is either lakes, rocks or grasses such as these (well, there are a few spring/wet areas and a few trees were there is water, too). The rocks in the far back are at the base of Umatilla Rock -- a tall narrow landform that sort of points to the dry falls. The image of Umatilla Rock was taken in a saddle in the rock -- you can see it extending to the southwest on the left and there is another fifth of the rock behind the camera. The rock and grasses image was taken a little father down the rock than shown on the far left of the Umatilla Rock image.

The big question now is platinum or carbon for these negs. The Umatilla Rock image has enough contrast for carbon (and maybe too much for platinum), but the grasses and rock neg will need selenium toning for carbon printing to boost the contrast a bit. I would have loved to had been able to used f64 and extended the exposure time out -- that would have increased the contrast due to the reciprocity failure rate of the FP4+. But I was taking advantage of a short period of time of very little wind (there is a little movement in some of the grasses) between day and night. Also the area closes at dusk, I still had to hike back to my van, and I did not know how tight the park rangers were on the time they closed the gates.

Instead of f32 at 2 minutes, I would have used f64 at perhaps 30 minutes (to adjust a little for reciprocity failure and the slow reduction of available light.) As it was, the rocks were exposed correctly but even cooking the neg in the developer I could not get more density in the grasses.

I have one more identical neg of Umatilla Rock to develop -- I'll give it a little less development in case I want to give it a go in platinum.