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Polymax FA and toning?

It doesn't tone with selenium for me, and the product guide confirms that. I also find it has really really cold tone, especially if you use benzotriazone as restrainer. With KBr is just a small bit warmer (in D72).

Which toners are effective?

Don't think I would recommend Polymax FA for a warm tone - it suits those subjects where a cold tone is right.That said it will 'purple up' a bit in selenium, it also tones well in Polytoner, Viradon and gold.
I note Tom compares its surface texture to Agfa MCC. I find the paper we get here has a texture almost identical to the old Elite, i.e a sort of felt finish with a high gloss.
Of course they also made a C surface which was semi-gloss and cream. I loved this paper and so naturally it has just been discontinued.