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Just out of interest:

How many of your prints (as far as you know) are currently mounted, matted and framed, hanging on walls somewhere?
I thought I had responded to this... must be another instance of deciding not to pull the trigger.

I estimate somewhere between 100-150 matted and/or framed prints. I only wish I had sold as many. I have a terrible habit of giving away prints... friends, family, associates... Every year I do a large-ish print run for the principals of whatever show I happen to be involved with. (for last year's Evita I did 35 4x5 contact prints of an antique microphone... very kitschy. ) I keep telling myself that some day this will lead to actual paying customers. Ironically, most of the prints that I have sold (souvenir snaps for actors and crew) have been neither mounted or framed.