Pentax SP1000, Meyer-Optik Oreston 50/1.8 and Super-Takumar 55/2, Ferrania 100 and the best scans I have ever got from Walgreens. No PP.

Oreston, tripod, dead sweet gum tree leaves and seed pod, 1/4 @ f11:

Super-Takumar, tripod, did not record exposure:

Oreston, handheld, 1/60 @ f4 or so:

Oreston, handheld, exposure not recorded but IIRC 1/125 @ f8 or so:

Oreston, handheld, 1/30 wide open, standard fluorescent lighting hues (That is my son-in-law in the foreground; we were eating at an Indian cafe in Pensacola where the barkeep/owner is a Sikh, and Bollywood music videos are played constantly with no sound.):

Oreston, handheld, exposure not recorded, on Black Creek where we live by the incongurous giant float and white plastic chair: