Not only has she put up with my photo obsession, she's actually started taking a serious interest in it, and she bought a Canon Rebel XS with the kit lens which since we've slightly upgraded to the 28-80 out of an EF film body kit.

Anyways...she knows I'm obsessed with Canon stuff, especially AE-1s and AE-1Ps. When we went on a roadtrip to the Rockies I saw a girl with a black AE-1 and tried to buy it off her haha...she knew NOTHING about film cameras, so I figured I'd trade her for my AE-1P or something...anyways...she thought I was crazy and walked away.

So...I finally found a rather beat up but working black AE-1P...and told my g/f that I'd buy it...she told me not to do I instantly knew that she got me one for my bday (coming up in a month)...

Anyways...haven't seen it yet, and she said she's still "accessorizing" idea what that means, but I have a feeling it'll be good and my bday is not till the middle of Sept...but I'm stoked...she actually tracked down an all-black AE-1P and got it for me...has to be the best bday present ever!!!

Sorry, it's a bit of a ramble, but I think you guys are the only ones around who'd understand my excitement!