I have a question or perhaps a consideration, to be more accurate, that I have been embroiled with for some time. I would appreciate the input of those who care to contribute their views.

I have long thought that certain physical objects depicted in photographs have meaning far beyond the purely physical depiction. This would best be described as the difference between symbolic language and literal language. I think that is why some images speak universally to the majority of us. It seems to me as if there are archetypical symbols that are universal in effect.

Recognizing that stepping away from purely egotistical interpertations of myself is something that takes most of us a lifetime and perhaps many lifetimes, I wonder if my photographs are messages from the personal and collective unconscious that convey messages to me, or to us, on this road of self discovery. In other words, what do my images, the nature and content of them, communicate to me?

What are your thoughts? Have you considered the basis of your images, as photographers, from this view point? Is there a possible basis to my consideration? I would enjoy hearing from you.