My girlfriend won a, then just released to the market, Tameron f/3.8 28mm to 300mm AF zoom lens. I had to buy a Nikon to use it. Since then I have bought:
Nikon f2.8 20mm to 35mm Nikon Zoom
c. 1935 Certo Dolly SuperSport with Zeiss lens [120 folder]
Hasselblad 503 CX
Hasselblad [Zeiss] 250mm CFlens
Hasselblad [Zeiss] 80mm CF lens
Hasselblad [Zeiss] 50mm CF lens
Hasselblad [Zeiss] 150mm lens
Chromega Dichroic II 5D-XL enlarger
Omega Dual Drive 150 drum print dryer
Hasselblad 903 SWC
Voightlander Vito II
1953 4x5 Pacemaker Speed Graphic f/4.7 135mm lens in like new condition
JOBO CPA 2 processor
JOBO CPP 2 processor
Graflex Model D [soon to arrive]

Whenever I want photographic equipment or build up my off-roading Jeep Grand Cherokee, she says,"You worked all your life earning money to by others what they needed and what they wanted. Now it is your time. If you will enjoy it and it will make you happy, then buy it."

We have been together nine years, but I do not know if it will last because we have never had a fight. Hence we still do not know if we are compatiable.