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Hmm, I live about three blocks from the old Argus factory (now owned by the Univ. of Michigan). I didn't realize there was such a following let alone an Argus Day.
A few years back one participant photographed another in front of that building. Argus Day was apparently the brainchild of the Argus Collectors Group back in 2001 (Argust 1st!) I caught up with it in 2006, but it hasn't quite achieved critical mass -- like say -- Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day. Over the last two or three years there have been some transitions in web location and management and the pictures from several years have gone astray in cyberspace. But when I raised the question on the Argus Discussion Group last week, a number of folks jumped in and as of a day or so back, the latest overseer is apparently on board, so hey, we're off!

Two years ago I was shooting in Valley Forge National Park when a fairly attractive young woman walking by with a maybe seven year old in tow said "my, what an unusual camera." So I explained what it was and what was happening. She was quite impressed that it was still working, given I bought it in early 1958. As we were chatting some very senior citizen walking by stopped and looked and exclaimed "an Argus C3 -- that was my first camera! Bought one in 1955." All in all, that day left me with some warm fuzzies.