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also Ken I understand the difference between the powdered and the pressed pill. I also knw he washed it up thus any that had dried, was again rewet. Any amounts that would remain after he washed up the mess, would be so infintesimal as to not be a bother. Especially if he used a good soap to help wash it with. We all need to take precautions, but I see too many who worry about minimal risks as if they were about to destroy the person and the planet. Caution yes, paranoia no.
Paranoia? I was advocating care when cleaning it up. The facts are that selenium is toxic, especially in powder form - I just wanted Sean to be aware that the dust can be dangerous.

But, this thread is starting to degrade - we've all made our points, and I'm sure Sean has already cleaned up his darkroom, and is sitting there watching this with a rather bemused look on his face. There's pretty much no sense taking this one any further.