Unfortunately, the largest opening in the tanks is little bigger than a jam jar top. If a brush and small hand would work I'd put it where my wife would have to look at it and let nature take its course.

I have the wall filters, wall unit temp control, cylinders and reels 'o plenty, and both a c41 and B&W card. The unit came from a place that takes very good care of the equipment, although this item looked *well* used. According to the documentation, as long as the cold water coming into wall unit temp control is no warmer than 50f it will keep the B&W chems at temp.

I'm keeping the processor in a basement which averages about 60f, but haven't tested the cold water temp yet. I would think the B&W chemicals will be fine.

I will probably have to start shooting more B&W. I believe microdol-x and d76 have a shelf life of around 1 month.

I can burn through C41 chemicals

I was thinking of running hot water through it (some spiked with vinegar and some with bleach) or maybe getting a power sprayer. A lab rat friend suggested mixing dilute variants of the chems that were in it and see if that would loosen up the residue.

I suspect the most prudent thing to do would be contact PSI.