I have no time for darkroom work but I've figured out a way to "modularize" it.

I think I mentioned this before on another thread but here it goes again. Instead of putting in entire hours of time in the darkroom, I look at it as being very static. Nothing moves in there so...:

1. I go in and put neg in holder, place in enlarger. That takes about 30 seconds. Leave.
2. I go back in, when I have time, later on, to fix size of easel, focus and what not. That takes 3 - 5 minutes. Leave
3. I "guestimate" an exposure based on how I did it before and make a test print or 2 or 3 test strips. Another 5 minutes. Leave
4. I leave test print in box and come back later.
5. Here's where Jon probably didn't have a Nova slot processor, but I make the test print[s]

I've spent about 20 minutes all together doing this but not 20 contiguous minutes. I've done this in between getting kids ready for something, folding laundry, making dinner, etc, etc.

I only go in about 5 minutes at a time afterwards and make prints. Once I get the print I like, I expose a bunch of paper, and not develop it yet, but develop when I know I have 10 minutes free.

Multitask! I know you guys do it on the computers...
Work, read email, shop at amazon, work, read email, shop, AIM, shop, work, read email. Not like you are spending 4 hours on that project plan you are supposed to be doing right?