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I wasn't going to do this ....

Add me to the US and Canada list - I'm so close to Seattle, it would be silly not to have it come my way too.

Shall I pm my address to you Sile?
Woo hoo.. welcome aboard Matt!
I'll send out messages once we have a full ship to get addresses etc so no panic for now..

The list is now at: -

The US and Canada
1. K_Jupiter (in San Jose)
2. TheBanana
3. Lmn
4. John_Nikon_F
5. Ron LarFor4X5
6. toro_mike
7. Flatulent1
8. J_Rollinger
9. Brian Legge
10. Matt_King
List Full

Europe and the Rest of the World
1. Síle
2. K_Jupiter (in Aachen)
3. Steve Smith
4. Erik_Prestmo
5. Tony Egan
6. Pcyco
7. Black Dog
8. Mooseontheloose
Still have 2 empty places left

C'mon Europe and the rest of the world.. Where's your fighting spirit!)