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He makes no secret of his use of digital methods, and advantages that brings him. Do you think he should?[/size][/font][/font][/color]
I don't think he should be secret about it at all, nor should any of us. For one thing, if he were hiding what he does then he wouldn't provoke thought and discussion. But I think he missed an important distinction on this one. Squeezing in your Photoshop time is not the same as doing darkroom work. As he points out in the blog, the traditional darkroom takes a lot of time. You don't squeeze it in and that's what I find magical about the darkroom. It's meditative.

A few months ago in one of his blogs he talks about the discovery of going out photographing with the car radio off and he explores the idea of calming down and being alone with his thoughts and how it effects his photography. Why would it be different with printing? Well, to my mind it isn't. The darkroom has a way of being meditative. What Brooks is describing is the antithesis of that. Squeezing in a moment to work on your pictures. What he's describing isn't work in the darkroom. I have no beef with digital, but I feel that the terminology is important.