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Big negatives are a disadvantage when enlarging? What?!
That could be true, I shoot 6x17 myself and the format is slightly wider than 5"x4" so not all 5x4 enlargers might be capable of accepting the negatives. I have a 10x8 enlarger so have no problem.

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So, the decision is based on format, not on price.
You're missing a far more important fundamental decision and one I had to make myself 4 years ago, perspective distortion or whatever else you want to call it. I need precision and these are typical of my 6x17 work:

Now go and look at images made with a Widelux swing lens camera. Quite a significant difference but there's distortions.

A Widelux is much harder to use handheld, they are prone to mechanical problems, so really it's also far more about what type of images you want to make.