Hello all. Great site. First post.

So I received my first Digibase C41 kit from Freestyle. I have plenty of experience developing my own B&W film but I have a few questions as this will be my first color development experience:

I ordered the smaller 1L (10 roll) kit to start. I have more rolls than that to develop so it will go quickly. (Shelf life of the working solution is not an issue.) So should I just mix up the whole thing into 1L working solutions and go? I will be using my new (to me) Jobo CPE2+ processor and thought I would use the 5 roll canister two or three times over. I would pour in as much of each 1L solutions as will fit then pour it back into each 1L working solution when done so the solutions will be reused on a rolling basis. Correct?

What about later when I’m doing only a few rolls at a time? My thought is that I would still use the 5 roll canister with some full and some empty rolls in it. That way I would ensure that there is enough working solution rolling around in there. I've heard that can be an issue with small (2 or 3 roll) Jobo processing. Again I would be pouring from and returning to rolling 1L solutions. Good idea?

I've also heard that a wash is a good idea between steps even though not described in the Digibase materials. I think that was recommended above in this thread even. A good idea, and if so then after which steps?

Finally, should I really stop at 10 rolls? The kit is pretty cheap so I do not want to push my luck, but I don’t want to be wasteful either.

Thanks so much. I look forward to participation here and will post results later.

(Leica M rangefinder shooter.)