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So should I just mix up the whole thing into 1L working solutions and go?

I will be using my new (to me) Jobo CPE2+ processor and thought I would use the 5 roll canister two or three times over. I would pour in as much of each 1L solutions as will fit
You use the amount specified in the tank under the title "ROTARY". See http://www.jobo.com/web/1500-Series-Tanks.336.0.html or http://www.jobo.com/web/2500-Series-Tanks.337.0.html .

You said you have 5 roll tank, then it's probably 1520&1530 combination and if so, you measure 570 ml of each chemical.

then pour it back into each 1L working solution when done so the solutions will be reused on a rolling basis. Correct?
Yes, you can do it like this. You have to adjust the development time for the next rolls, I'm sure the kit instruction has a table for this.

What about later when I’m doing only a few rolls at a time? My thought is that I would still use the 5 roll canister with some full and some empty rolls in it.
You can do it like that, or you can use smaller tank with appropriate, smaller volume of chemistry. It doesn't make a difference since you are reusing the chemistry anyway. If you did one-shot, you would probably want to use smallest tank and smallest chemical volume possible for cost saving.

That way I would ensure that there is enough working solution rolling around in there. I've heard that can be an issue with small (2 or 3 roll) Jobo processing.
No, there is absolutely no issue. The minimum volume in Jobo rotary is enough for C-41
process. I remember discussing some issues at APUG a year or two ago, but I'm 100% positive that the problems were elsewhere, for example, in temperature control.

I have moved to prewash as suggested by PE. I measure out some wash water at exactly the process temperature, and then make two or even three quick washes with it. Then I drain the water as well as possible and go quickly to developer. Of course, a dry preheat, as instructed in most instructions, work well but it really needs at least 5 minutes, preferably more.

Again I would be pouring from and returning to rolling 1L solutions. Good idea?

I've also heard that a wash is a good idea between steps even though not described in the Digibase materials.
Do NOT use a water wash between developer and bleach. The development continues and this may cause some color crossover. You probably can use a stop bath, followed by a quick wash, but why bother? The chemistry should have been designed so that you go directly to bleach.

However, usually a decent wash between bleach and fix is used. Is there none in Rollei instructions?

And, as you are processing rotary, don't underestimate the need of final wash. Change the water at least 7-8 times. And remember not to wash after final rinse / stabilizer.

Finally, should I really stop at 10 rolls? The kit is pretty cheap so I do not want to push my luck, but I don’t want to be wasteful either.
I have had some good results in overusing C-41 chemistry. It's quite a robust process. You will probably get good results, but it cannot be guaranteed and they might be a bit off if measured.