Many thanks for the additional repsonses. Apologies for not responding sooner. My website hosting has changed and all APUG emails are being bounced, so no thread activity alert received.

I am still looking, UK used market is currently nearly all CPE2 bar one overpriced example each of ATL1000 and 1500. I shall not buy until I am sure. I would expect this to be a buyers market, certainly in the long term where small pro outfits decide to offload their asset since they are so happy with their digital workflow........

The CPP2 plus lift would seem to be good (thanks Stan). I must resolve myself to stand around to do each stage manually, which is a key decision for 200 sheets a year. An automated machine would be more consistent than myself, certainly initially. With young children in the house, I sometimes have to leave comfort of kitchen sink (where I do my B+W dev!) to attend to their seemingly, more urgent needs!

It is not just absolute cost of processing per sheet which is driving this. I need to be able to ensure that I can meet quality and consistency standards but have convenience of having this facility on demand without a half day excursion. Transport of film to lab is 36 mile round trip, plus wait, (or be subjected to the vaguaries of UK postal system) allied to fears that local Lab will stop service. Realise that latter is somewhat chicken and egg!

Water in the reels warning noted, have similar problem with Paterson ones for my B+W, so always dry first. I shall only be using the machine for Film.

Thanks again