I will try once more, but then I am done with this conversation with you. No hard feelings, next topic we will fair better.

I DO NOT PROCESS FILM EXCEPT for film I need to do reproductions. Even with say 35mm film, same roll, same processor (professional, not me), same photographer; printing each shot usually requires different filter packs, sometimes even different lights altogether. Since I am the one who is using the film for reproduction,. . .and the reproductions come out fine. . . I guess I am managing for the purposes I am discussing. IF you brought in film to be processed that you had shot in YOUR comera; you wouldn't have to "get it back" because I wouldn't accept it, I would tell you to go elsewhere. I wouldn't recommend the guy across town, but I would NOT process it for you. DO YOU GET IT, yet? I print, not process.

When I accept reproduction jobs it is with the understanding that I tweek my negatives intentionally to work well in my lab, and there is no warantee, explicit or implied, that the reproductive negative will be usable by any other lab. I further explain why and they get to decide. So far the answer is, "That's fine with me." I guess the photographers that I have coming in, understand tweeking outside the rules to get what we want.

Furthermore, I have yet to advertise myself anywhere as anything but a hard working and tenacious beginner. I do not pretend to be any other than what I am, which is a person trying to offer something that was requested of me. I always end my "sales pitch" if you want to call it that, with "if you are unsatisfied at all, I will not charge you a penny, and thank you for this learning challenge."
The thing I resent most, I think, is not that you suggest I am amatuer, because I realize that which is why I am on here asking and learning. It is that you suggest that I have no integrity and would somehow try to bullshit my customers, I don't.

Now I have lost my temper just for you, I am not proud of this. Rattle me once, shame on you, rattle me twice, shame on me. If you proceed to attack and not read before you do, I shall simply ignore your posts, or if everyone else would prefer, I will accomodate your childishness by not signing on here anymore.