Olympus only made 2 eyecups, 1 and 2. In the early 80's, we (Olympus in Woodbury NY) used to modify Eyecup 1 for use by UPI. Since EC1 is round, we'd cut the bottom off, aron-alpha it all together with the proper diopter inside (also cut off). Then we'd paint bottom edge flat black. Looks cool. I have a few left (all with +2 diopters). Picture is on my website. http://www.zuiko.com/index_019.htm. I dug this eyecup out, photographed it for this thread and put it on my site, cus' I thought people might find it unusual. Eyecup was modified in quantity so UPI photographer (Jerry Soloway) could open the back of the camera without either removing eyecup OR ripping the eyecup off of the camera by forcing the back past the overhanging eyecup. Hence the need to create Eyecup 2. John