So, as many of you know, I just got back into film stuff and I don't have my own developing equipment, and likely won't for quite some time.

I just picked up a mixed bag of films, and it has a few films which I'm not sure I can get developed locally...I know that some B&W is C41 while others are not but can still be developed at facilities that do I need your help...which of these films can I get developed without having to send it away to a specialty place?

I have all Ilford:

2 rolls Delta 100 24 exp
2 rolls Delta 400 24 exp
1 roll Delta 3600 36 exp

Thanks very much!

If it turns out that I can't get them developed, I know most of you have darkroom equipment, I'd be open to selling them or trading them for Canon FD gear or other film that I can get developed