Thanks Steve, I have other shots but not possibly not online or scanned. There maybe some on my website but I'm not sure. It looks like they will be published next year in an Exhibition catalogue, but I'll have to use neg scans I think because FB prints don't scan well at all.

I don't take the 6x17 out as much as I should, it adds significantly to the weight in my backpack and in the heat here that's an issue

The format's great, I wish I'd begun using it much earlier because back ithe the late 80's early 90's I used to get frustated not being able to make some of the images I could visualise. In the end I made a mask and shot 6x12 on 5x4 film.

Unlike others though I only use a WA on my 6x17, a 75mm f8 Super Angulon, but that's only wide in the horizontal dimension, it's normal in the vertica;, but that allows me to get images, I found a 90mm lens too long, The 75mm allows me to get in quite close and also get shots just not possible with a longer FL..

I have no issues composing to the format, even when shooting with the 617 alonside 5x4 & 6x6, I guess it's intuitive. Will see if I have any other pano shots I can post, I know there's quite a few negatives unprinted back in the UK.